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MARC is a company, which manufactures cardboard packages, all kinds of laminated packages, POS articles like exhibitional shelves, stands, displays, dispensers and many more this kind of things for different and often shocking occasions.

The roots of our company reach the year 1990, when Jan Czyż and Marian Czyż set up the Buisness Agency MARC, which dealt with distributing and supporting the selling activities for other companies like Gerlach company. The main articles were screen printed products and advertising coffers.

Because of the growth of experience and constant demanding for new articles from our customers, the company started to produce packages. At first, the packages were simple in their shape, with some printigs, later they evolved into more complicated constructions.

What's most important is the fact, that MARC is a company with huge experience and rich variety of machines, which guarantees well and safely packaged and exposed products. Today we can proudly say, that we deliever the highest quality products to our customers, adjusted to their needs and demands.

We constantly improve the products we offer, so that our customers can be more satisfied with what we distribute. Our work got appreciated - MARC is a winner in:

- ART of Packaging - 10th edition (2015) - 1st place in category "Opakowanie Pragnienia"

- Superstar POLAND 2006 - 1st place in category ShortTerm Display



Colorful, stiff and attractive laminated packages and decorative packages are perfect for securing but also advertising the product. Thanks to the style of producing, they combine great appearance with durability and stiffness ...


POS Articles

Made based on corrugated cardboard and basic cardboard, often completed with different materials to increase their attractiveness, are the real challenge for designers and people who make them. Usually constructed with lots of different elements, they have to be easy to set up but also durable and good-looking ...



The Point of Sell products are probably the biggest challenge for designers and producers. They are mainly made for a particular things to be displayed, so they have to include specific parameters connected with advertising the chosen product. There are certain procedures of packing them and installing ...



We are also offering the service of laminating - sticking together two paper sheets or cardboards. This technique is used to connect offset printed paper with stiff cardboard. It provides the advertised product with durability and great appearance ...


Die cutting

We cut corrugated and basic cardboards in format to B0 (1400 x 1000). As one of few companies we also have te possibility to cut in bigger formats than B0, making sure the quality of edges is great and even. Thanks to it we can ...



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