Laminated packages and decorative boxes are the most important part of our company's production processes. Making them requires big technical knowledge which pays off in the appearance and great security of the packaged product. Laminated packages are used especially when the box is an important part of selling the product inside. What's most important is the fact that laminated packages have the possibility to be sticked to decorative, high quality papers. As for sticking paperswe use lots of different materials or offset printed paper sheets, everything for our customer's wishes.

We go through the whole process of packaging the product. Starting with the deep analysis the customer's needs, through designing and visualising, ending with the final form of the packaging.

Cardboard packages, sitting in our offer, are mainly big in volume and size boxes dedicated to storing things. They are made with 3 to 5 layered cardboard. We own big amount of different cutting forms, which may help you find the perfect package for yourself. Of course we make packages for individual orders, from designing to delivering them to our customers.