The process of making die cutted packages based on our project
"Trzypak na piwo z pokalem"

1. The first thing to start with is getting to know what is the use for that box, what our customer wants us to do, technical conditions and the prices. Basing on these informations we can start designing it's shape. We use AutoCad to prepare the drawing.

2. Basing on the drawing made before, we are preparing a model with cutter-creasing plotter. We use target material to estimate the durability of designed package.

3. After deciding what material and design to choose, we start making the full project. Obviously it may be made by our customers. In that case we prepare certain pattern of cutting forms, always being able to help with this technology. We also make projects by ourselves.

4. To help our customer choose pictures for their package we prepare visualisations.

5. After getting an information of what picture to use, what's left is just constructing the whole packaging. Preparing cutting form's pattern, printing, laminating, gluing together, getting it in delivery and it's done!